Changes and Trends: Analyzing Regular Decision Results for Class of 2024

Virtual Webinar

Thursday, April 25th, at 6 p.m. PDT

Analyze application results for the Class of 2024 with FLEX's expert counselors! This year’s regular application results give indications of how colleges have continued to adapt to the changing college admissions landscape including testing policies and a more socially minded, less achievement-driven admissions process.

Get the statistics on FLEX's Regular Round Decisions to see what worked (and what did not) and for a chance to meet some of our counselors who supported these students in getting into their target colleges!



Paul Lin

Principal Admissions Consultant
Education: Cornell, UC Irvine, USC, University of Kent at Canterbury
Paul has 24 combined years of teaching and counseling experience, 12 in a university setting and 12 in the college prep and educational consulting industry. He is a former professor in American Cultures and Asian Pacific American Studies at Loyola Marymount University and has also taught courses and advised students at UC Irvine. As an admissions consultant, he takes a direct, honest, and strategic approach with his students. His objective is always to guide students toward the college that’s the best fit for them. Paul's college placements include but are not limited to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, Cornell, Duke, Northwestern, UChicago, UC Berkeley, USC, UCLA, and Carnegie Mellon.

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